About Deckchair

At Deckchair Data, we partner with ambitious companies to provide market research, analytics and data strategy that drive growth. We have significant expertise and experience in:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data science and strategy
We serve a range of industries, with current active engagements in technology, healthcare, financial services, insights and public service. Deckchair (formerly Parametric Marketing) was founded to accelerate the partners’ long-term commitment to making businesses smarter and more successful. Our leadership has substantial track records in the technology, analytics and research industries.

Our Approach

We have a point of view:  For great insight you need more than just data. You need to understand all of the available data – wherever it comes from – and you need to understand how that data comes together to speak to your business.

In short, you need a data strategy.

Without a data strategy, teams feel overwhelmed and spend more than they should amassing information to support their plans.

Insights actions are driven by data strategy – the definition of what you collect, how you apply it and how you decide what’s next. When strategy is clear, action is focused and effective. When it’s not – when it’s a collection of interesting, but disjointed points – teams struggle. That’s why our client discussions so often start here.

How clear is your team’s data strategy? Let’s define what’s critical to support your goals, what you already have and what you need to uncover. Then we’ll help chart the best course to fill in the blanks.

Our Difference

Deckchair's difference in a nutshell:  Cross-Industry Expertise + Data Fluency

It’s not enough to know a lot about an industry or a lot about research or a lot about data.

Our clients are faced with the challenge of building their business – and today, that means bringing it all together. At Deckchair, we marry industry experience with insights know-how (in fact, that’s something we look for in all our team members!)

How do we start?

When clients seek insight, we start with a comprehensive view of elements that drive business results – and we help them understand the interplay. How much does your brand matter to buyers? What features command a premium price? What customer value levers matter most?

Once we’ve identified the essential insight required, we craft a research & analytics program that complements the client’s data strategy.

Our client programs often address four key business areas:

  • Market studies, including Segmentation, Category Attitude & Usage, Trends Assessment & Tracking
  • Brand studies, including Awareness & Tracking, Ad Effectiveness, Brand/Price Tradeoffs, Value
  • Product & Service studies, including Concept Testing, Product Testing, Pricing
  • Customer studies, including Cx, Satisfaction/NPS, Journeys and Lifetime Value

To address these topics, we have a big toolbox – and we’re always adding to it. Our research & analytics practices make use of both time-tested and cutting-edge techniques.

  • Data Strategy: Data Audits, Team Structure & Skills Assessments, Development Workshops
  • Qualitative Research: Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Online Communities
  • Quantitative Research: Complex Survey Research, Choice-based/Conjoint, Advanced Trade-Off
  • Analytics: Data Wrangling, Unstructured Data (social, text and images), Predictive Machine Learning and AI
As seasoned marketers and managers, we know that tools need to serve the business problem. We have deep expertise in the application of methods specifically suited to elicit meaningful business insights. We don't let the tools or techniques enchant us, but instead keep a strong focus on our clients' business needs and the decisions to be made.

Our Core Team

Scott, Laura, Chris and Eff.

Deckchair is built around a world-class core team. We also work with a select stable of third-party partners as needed, guaranteeing that you will always be working with the best possible experts.

Chris Robson, Partner

Chris is an acknowledged expert in research methodology and data science, and a frequent speaker on advanced methods at industry conferences. He strongly believes in the importance of solid methodology combined with a laser focus on the business problem.

Prior to founding Deckchair he was Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Research Science for ORC International (now Engine Insights). Before that he was Co-Founder of Parametric Marketing, a boutique analytics and methodology consultancy.

In his career he has held various senior technical and marketing positions at small and huge companies, ranging from being VP Engineering at an analytics start-up to managing a global team of over a hundred software developers at Hewlett-Packard. He started his career as a Mathematician building statistical models of radar systems.

Chris confesses to being a total nerd and is never happier than when he is elbows deep in data.

Scott Laing, Partner

With deep experience spanning startups to the Fortune 500, Scott Laing most recently served as SVP and major account manager in the Financial Services practice at storied research pioneer ORC International.

Scott has substantial experience in all areas of Marketing. Upon joining ORC in 2013, Scott assumed leadership responsibility for ORC’s Marketing Research practice, providing thought leadership to both internal and external clients.

Prior to his stint at ORC, Scott co-founded analytics boutique Parametric Marketing with Deckchair partner Chris Robson in 2003.

Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Market Development at WebCriteria (acquired by Coremetrics, now IBM), responsible for defining and implementing partnership and lead generation strategies. In this role, he developed and led over 100 executive workshops to help clients define Marketing program objectives and measurement strategy. As well, Scott spent eight years with Hewlett-Packard in a variety of analytical marketing and product management roles at HP’s Corvallis, OR, Vancouver, WA and Böblingen, Germany sites.

Scott earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a MBA from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School. He currently serves as President of the Northwest Chapter of the Insights Association.

Laura Kleckner, Human Behavior Insights Specialist

After 20 years of cross industry experience, Laura continues to be surprised and energized by the learnings generated when studying human behavior. Laura enjoys the opportunity to leverage a variety of inputs to uncover insights, set metrics and assess performance. Her respect for the powerful insights generated from qualitative methods led to her certification as a RIVA Certified Qualitative Moderator.

Laura believes success is grounded in an unwavering commitment to understanding the issue, continued active listening/ observing and unbiased translation of research outcomes into guidance to drive decision making. Laura’s natural curiosity for human behavior was evident from a young age when she continually posed questions to family and friends. Despite the exhaustion she likely caused, her family encouraged her inquisitive nature leading to her career in business intelligence/ marketing research!

Laura’s areas of specialty include innovation, customer journey, concept/message development and advertising assessment. Her industry experience includes CPG, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology and animal health. Most recently, Laura has served as Vice-President, Client Solutions at ORC.

Laura holds an MA in sociology from the University of Cincinnati with a concentration in public opinion and survey research.

Eff Robson, Operations Manager

Eff is Deckchair's primary client administrative contact and is responsible for all of the day-to-day management of programs. She has extensive experience as Operations and Office Manager, having run her own business providing small companies with office services for 7 years, and as Office Manager for an electrical contractor for 12 years.

She has deep experience in the day-to-day running of companies in varied industries from construction, to retail, to market research.

Eff has a BSc Hons. in Social Sciences with Sociology, specializing in Gender Studies.

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