Data Strategy and
Data Science Consulting

Over the last few years companies have amassed more and more data. Data is the new currency of business - yet many companies are struggling to realize the value of all they have collected, and all that is available to them. At Deckchair we believe that bringing in data is not enough. All companies need a Data Strategy that guides the way to profiting from the data available and the rapidly changing techniques for analysis.
At Deckchair we can help you build that Data Strategy and build (or refurbish) your teams, tools and techniques.


What We Do

At Deckchair we have a unique combination of executive level business understanding and deep capabilities in modern Data Science. With extensive strategy and team building experience we can make sure that you have the right strategy and execution plan for profiting from your data.
We use the latest tools and technologies in data analysis, data engineering, machine learning, statistics and AI. We can help you better use these critical competitive capabilities to drive your business.

  • Data Strategy

  • Data Analysis

  • Team Development

  • Methodology


What We Can Do For You

We can help you with all of your data and analytics needs. Whether you have a particularly tricky analytics problem, a heap of messy and unusable data, a need to develop a modern Data Science team, or a complete top-down re-work of your Data Strategy, we can be the partner that makes it happen.
If you are intrigued by how we might work together please contact us using the form or the email link below. We look forward to talking with you.